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Setting the Starting and Ending Point by Trimming
the beginning if you temporarily stop it and then restart or whether it should start from
the point at which you left off.
To control the point at which a clip starts, do the following:
1. Open the Animation pane if it does not already appear (Animations
Animation Pane).
2. Open the menu for the sound clip in the Animation pane and choose Effect
Options. The Play Audio dialog box opens with the Effect tab displayed, as shown
in Figure 14.13.
FIGURE 14.13
You can specify that a clip plays at a different time than the beginning or set it to
restart playing from wherever it left off if you stop it.
3. In the Start Playing area, choose one of these options:
From the Beginning , which is the default play mode.
From the Last Position , if you want it to pick up where it left off when you
stopped it.
From Time , and then enter the number of seconds into the clip that it should
begin playing.
4. Click OK.
Setting the Starting and Ending Point by Trimming
Trimming works with both audio and video clips, and in many cases it can help you avoid
having to use a third-party video- or audio-editing program to make simple cuts to a clip.
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