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Adjusting the Fade Duration
To trim an audio clip, follow these steps:
1. Select the clip’s icon on the slide.
2. On the Audio Tools Playback tab, click Trim Audio. The Trim Audio dialog box
3. Drag the green marker to the right to trim a portion of the beginning of the
clip. See Figure 14.14. Alternatively, enter a number of seconds to trim in the Start
Time box.
FIGURE 14.14
Trim from the beginning and/or end of the clip.
4. Drag the red marker to the left to trim a portion of the end of the clip.
Alternatively, enter a number of seconds to trim in the End Time box.
5. Preview the trimming by clicking the Play button. Then adjust the trimming as
6. When you are satisfied with the trim points, click OK to accept the trim.
Trimmed parts of the clip will be deleted if you use the File
Compress Media command to decrease the
size of your presentation i le.
If you use both methods to specify a clip’s starting point — Effect Options and trimming — the effects are not cumu-
lative, but the longer of the two delays takes effect. So, for example, if you specii ed 10 seconds using the Effect
Options command and 20 seconds in the Start Time box in the Trim Audio dialog box, the clip would be trimmed by
20 seconds at the beginning. Confusing? Yes. Stick with one method or the other when possible.
Adjusting the Fade Duration
The fade duration is the amount of time at the beginning and/or end of the clip when the
volume will gradually increase (at the beginning) or decrease (at the end).
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