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Specifying the Sound Volume
FIGURE 14.15
Set the number of slides through which the audio track should play.
Set a number of slides.
Specifying the Sound Volume
When you give your presentation, you can specify an overall volume using the computer’s
volume controls in Windows. However, sometimes you might want the volume of one sound
to be different from others. To set the volume for a specifi c sound, follow these steps:
1. Select the clip on the slide.
2. On the Audio Tools Playback tab, click the Volume button. A menu appears.
3. Choose the volume level you want (Low, Medium, High, or Mute).
You can also use a volume slider to adjust the volume more precisely than is possible with
the presets available in the preceding steps. Here’s how:
1. Click the clip on the slide. Play controls appear under its icon.
2. Click the speaker icon on the play controls. A Volume slider pops up. See
Figure 14.16.
3. Drag the slider up or down to adjust the clip’s volume.
The sound will play at a consistent volume throughout the duration of the clip. If you need the volume to change part-
way through, you can use a sound-editing program to change the clip volume before inserting it.
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