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Changing the Appearance of the Sound Icon
FIGURE 14.16
Adjust the volume via the speaker icon on the clip’s playback controls.
Changing the Appearance of the Sound Icon
The sound icon on the slide can be formatted like any other drawn object. You can resize it
by dragging its selection handles, or set a specifi c height and width from the Audio Tools
Format tab.
You can also right-click the sound icon and choose Format Picture to open the Format
Picture task pane, and from there you can apply any effects that you like (shadow, refl ec-
tion, and so on). All the controls in the Format Picture task pane are strictly appearance
based and focused on the icon; there is nothing there that controls the way the sound
Using the Advanced Timeline to Fine-Tune
Sound Events
The Advanced Timeline option is turned on by default. A timeline appears at the bottom of
the Animation pane, and indicators appear next to each clip to show how long it will take
to play and at what point it starts. This is useful when you are trying to coordinate sev-
eral sound and/or video clips to play sequentially with a certain amount of space between
them. It also saves you from having to calculate their starting and ending times in relation
to the initial appearance of the slide.
To turn the Advanced Timeline option on or off, do the following:
1. If the Animation pane does not already appear, click Animation Pane on the
Animations tab.
2. Open the drop-down menu for any of the items in the pane and choose Show
Advanced Timeline. (If the command Hide Advanced Timeline appears instead,
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