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Adobe Flash Media
TABLE 15.1 Supported Video Formats
Most Common Filename Extension
Other Filename Extensions
Windows Media i le
.asx , .dvr-ms , .wpl , .win , .wmx ,
.wmd , .wmz
Windows video i le
QuickTime Movie i le
.qt , .dv , .mp4
MP4 video
.m4v , .mp4v , .3gp , .3gpp , .3gz ,
Movie i le
.mpeg, .mpg , .mpe , .m1v , .m2v ,
.mod , .mpv2 , .mp2v , .mpa
MPEG-2 TS video
.m2t , .mts , .ts , .tts
Windows Media Video
Adobe Flash media
Animated GIF
Adobe Flash Media
Flash media ( .swf ) is a very versatile format for creating animated, and sometimes interac-
tive, demos and games. Other names for this format are Shockwave and Macromedia Flash.
(Macromedia was the company that developed Flash; it was acquired by Adobe.)
Flash media is commonly used in education because of its interactivity. Not only can a
Flash clip show movement through a process, it can accept mouse clicks from a viewer. So,
for example, after illustrating a process, the clip can offer a multiple-choice quiz for review,
with the viewer clicking the answers.
Flash is unique in PowerPoint in that it is not embedded in the fi le like other video for-
mats; by default it is linked.
PowerPoint does not offer a full set of controls for a Flash clip; you can’t trim it, for exam-
ple, and you can’t set it to fade in or out. However, you can place a Flash clip on a slide,
resize it, and control many appearance aspects of it, such as frame color.
Animated GIF
Animated GIFs are not really videos in the traditional sense. An animated GIF is a special
type of graphic that stores multiple versions of itself in a single fi le and fl ips through them
in sequence, like an animation created by fl ipping the corners of a book. When the fi le is
displayed — on a presentation slide, a web page, or some other place — it cycles through
the still graphics at a certain speed, making a very rudimentary animation. You cannot con-
trol the animation of an animated GIF through PowerPoint, nor can you set it up to repeat a
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