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Placing a Video on a Slide
The Internet Archive ( ). Th is site contains links to huge
repositories of public domain footage on all subjects, mostly pre-1960s material on
which the copyright has expired. Warning — you can easily get sucked in here and
waste several days browsing!
Placing a Video on a Slide
Your fi rst step is to place the video on the slide. After that, you can worry about position,
size, and playing options.
Just as with audio clips, you can place a video clip on a slide by inserting from a fi le or
pasting from another application or by browsing for clips online.
Inserting a Video from a File
A video clip fi le inserted in PowerPoint 2013 can be either embedded or linked. (This is a
change from PowerPoint 2007 and earlier, in which all clips were linked.)
Embedded. The default. The clip is inserted into the presentation fi le, so if you
copy or distribute the presentation fi le, the clip goes along with it automatically.
Because the presentation fi le serves as a container for the clip, the presentation
fi le’s size grows by the size of the video clip fi le (plus a little extra for overhead).
Linked. A link to the clip is placed on the slide, so the clip does not take up space
in the presentation fi le. When you play back the presentation, the video clip must
be in the expected location for it to work.
If you plan on moving the presentation to another location later, and you want to use links, place the video clip in the
same folder as the presentation itself before you insert the video clip into the presentation. That way the path to it
stored in the presentation i le will be relative, and the link will still work after you move the presentation and video
clip. Alternatively, you can use the Package Presentation for CD feature to transfer a presentation and all of its sup-
port i les, including videos, to a new location. See “Giving a Presentation on a Different Computer” in Chapter 18,
“Preparing for a Live Presentation.”
Before inserting a clip, decide which method is best for your situation. Then follow these
steps (for all video types except animated GIF):
1. Display the slide on which the video should appear.
2. If there is a content placeholder on the slide that will accommodate a video
clip, click that and then click the Browse button next to From a File. Otherwise,
choose Insert
Video on My PC.
3. In the Insert Video dialog box, locate and select the clip you want. You might
need to change the fi le type setting in the dialog box.
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