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Inserting Video from Your SkyDrive
4. If you want the clip to be embedded, click Insert.
5. Alternatively, if you want the clip to be linked, click the down arrow to the
right of the Insert button and choose Link to File. See Figure 15.1. The video clip
appears on the slide.
To link, rather than embed, open the Insert button’s menu and choose Link to File.
Inserting Video from Your SkyDrive
If you store videos on your SkyDrive, you can easily insert them into your presentations by
browsing the SkyDrive contents. To do so, choose Insert
Online Video
and then click the Browse button next to your SkyDrive. Select the desired clip and click
If you have the SkyDrive for Windows app installed in Windows, you can also directly
browse your SkyDrive just as if it were a local drive. Choose Insert
on My PC, and then under Favorites, click SkyDrive. (Figure 15.1 shows the SkyDrive, rather
than a local disk, being accessed.) If you don’t have a SkyDrive shortcut under Favorites,
you can get it for free. Go to an d click the Get SkyDrive Apps
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