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Inserting a Video from a Bing Search
Inserting a Video from a Bing Search
Just as you searched for online pictures in Chapter 11, “Working With Clip Art and Photos,”
and online audio clips in Chapter 14, “Adding Sound Effects, Music, and Soundtracks,” you can
search Bing for online video clips. The process is mostly the same as in those other chapters.
Follow these steps to locate and insert a video clip using Bing:
1. Choose Insert
Online Video. The Insert Video dialog box
2. In the Bing Video Search text box, type the keyword(s) to search for, as shown
in Figure 15.2, and press Enter. The search results appear.
3. Click the desired clip and click Insert. The clip is downloaded and inserted into
your presentation. (It is embedded, not linked.)
Use the Insert Video dialog box to insert from a Bing video search.
Linking to a YouTube Video
YouTube is a huge repository of video clips on the Internet. You can search it much as you
can search Bing (see the previous section), but with one important difference: YouTube
videos are not downloaded and embedded into your presentation; instead, a link is created
in the presentation fi le that refers to a streaming copy of the video on http://www . When you play back the video during a presentation, you must hav e an
active Internet connection in order for it to work.
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