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Embedding Code That Links to an Online Video
The form of link used for a YouTube clip is not the traditional type of link whose properties
you can edit in PowerPoint (as covered in “Managing Video Links” later in this chapter). It
doesn’t show up on a list of the links in the presentation, either. You can’t break the link
without removing the clip entirely from your presentation. Follow these steps to locate and
link to a YouTube video:
1. Choose Insert
Online Video. The Insert Video dialog box
2. In the YouTube text box, type the keyword(s) to search for, and press Enter.
The chosen clip appears on the active slide. You can resize it, and you can control its
appearance in most of the same ways as other video clips (from the Video Tools Format
tab), but most of the commands on the Video Tools Playback tab are unavailable for
YouTube clips.
Not all YouTube clips can be placed on a slide because of the differences in licensing restrictions; if you see an error
when trying to place a YouTube clip, you may have to try a different clip.
Embedding Code That Links to an Online Video
Some sites on the Internet encourage people to share links to their videos by providing
embed codes for each video. An embed code is a URL that contains all the information
needed to not only link to the clip but to present it at the destination in a certain way,
such as with or without playback controls, at a certain size or resolution, and so on. For
example, notice that the dialog box in Figure 15.3 contains a button you can click to get
the embed code, which can easily be selected and copied to the Windows Clipboard and
then pasted into an application.
As with YouTube clips, clips inserted by embed code are also not editable in PowerPoint,
and you must have an Internet connection active when you show the presentation in order
for them to play back successfully.
To use an embed code, follow these steps:
1. Copy the embed code from the website where you found it to the Clipboard.
2. Choose Insert
Online Video. The Insert Video dialog box
3. Click in the From a Video Embed Code box.
4. Press Ctrl+V to paste the embed code from the Clipboard and press Enter.
Don’t panic if the clip appears as a plain black box with no playback controls on the slide
in Normal view. Switch to Slide Show view and you’ll see the clip as it will appear to your
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