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Managing Clip Files and Links
Some websites provide embed codes to make video linkage easy.
Click here to get
the embed code.
Managing Clip Files and Links
In the following sections, you’ll learn some ways to manage the compatibility, fi le size and
performance, and linkage of video clips in a presentation.
Optimizing Media Compatibility
Versions of PowerPoint prior to 2010 did not allow videos to be embedded and supported a
smaller number of fi le formats, so you may run into problems when you move a PowerPoint
2013 presentation to a PC that uses PowerPoint 2007 or earlier. This may come as a surprise
to PowerPoint 2007 users because in most ways PowerPoint 2007 is very similar to 2010 and
2013. Videos are the one area in which they differ greatly.
To minimize the impact of such problems, there are two things you can do. One is to link all
videos rather than embedding them. Delete the embedded versions and reinsert them, choos-
ing Link to File from the Insert button’s drop-down menu in the Insert Video dialog box.
The other is to run the Optimize Media Compatibility utility by following these steps:
1. Choose File
Optimize Media Compatibility. If there are any videos that
could be converted to another format to improve their compatibility, they are auto-
matically processed, as shown in Figure 15.4.
2. When the optimization process is complete, click the Close button to close the
Optimize Media Compatibility dialog box.
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