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Optimizing Media Size and Performance
The AgilityRun video is being converted into a more compatible format.
Some clip types may show as Unsupported in the results that appear after optimization.
This means that the clip’s format may not be playable in an earlier PowerPoint version; you
might need to convert that clip to some other format using a third-party video editor and
then reinsert it into PowerPoint.
If you back-save (that is, save in PowerPoint 97–2003 format) a presentation i le that contains videos, any videos
that are in formats unsupported by that version will be saved as static graphics (of the i rst frame of the video).
Optimizing Media Size and Performance
Video fi les can take up a lot of space and can result in a large PowerPoint presentation fi le.
If the quality of the video playback is not of critical importance, you may want to sacrifi ce
a certain amount of quality to get a smaller fi le that opens and closes more quickly, starts
the video playback more quickly, and takes up less space.
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