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Optimizing Media Size and Performance
Save a copy of your presentation with another name before you compress the media clips. That way, if the playback
quality suffers too much, you can revert to the higher-quality version. This also gives you the high-quality version to
play back locally.
To fi nd out how much disk space the media fi les in your presentation (both video and
audio) are currently occupying, choose File
Info and look under the Media Size and
Performance heading. For example, in Figure 15.5, you can see that the media fi les take
up 26MB of space. Then, if you want to make a change, click the Compress Media button,
and from the menu that appears, click a quality setting that best describes the trade-off
you want to make between quality and performance. The compression begins immediately.
When it’s fi nished, examine the results reported in the Compress Media dialog box, and
then click the Close button.
Choose a compression amount to save disk space if desired.
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