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Managing Video Links
Managing Video Links
In Chapter 13, in the section “Working with Linked and Embedded Objects,” you learned
how to update and break links to outside content. Those same techniques work for linked
video clips if you choose to link them rather than embed them. (An exception is if you
have links to online video content like YouTube or an embedded link code; these can’t be
managed in PowerPoint.)
Choose File
View Links. The View Links command is located under the Optimize
Media Compatibility heading. If you don’t see it there, your presentation has no links you
can manage.
In the Links dialog box, you see all the links in your presentation, including those to
external online sources like YouTube. However, when you select one of those links, you fi nd
that there is only one option available for it: Open Source (which plays the clip in a web
browser at the original source page). For clips that are linked from other sources, such as
your own LAN, all of the buttons are available, as in Figure 15.6.
Linked videos appear in the Links dialog box.
Changing the Video’s Formatting
The formatting for a video clip refers to the size, shape, position, and effects of the
frame in which the video appears. It doesn’t have anything to do with the playback of
the video itself. (See “Specifying Playback Options” later in this chapter for playback
The following sections explain how to affect the formatting of a video clip in various ways.
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