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Choosing the Size of the Video Clip Window
Choosing the Size of the Video Clip Window
You can resize a video clip’s window just as you can any other object. Simply drag its
selection handles. Be careful, however, that you do not distort the image by resizing in
only one dimension. Make sure you drag a corner selection handle, not one on a single side
of the object. To set an exact size, enter the dimensions in the Height and Width boxes on
the Video Tools Format tab.
Also be aware that when you enlarge a video clip’s window, the quality of the clip suffers.
If you make the clip large and are unhappy with its quality, you can reset it to its original
size by following these steps:
1. Right-click the clip and choose Size and Position, or click the dialog box
launcher for the Size group on the Video Tools Format tab. The Format Video
task pane opens with the Size controls displayed.
2. Click Reset.
3. Close the task pane.
Setting the Initial Image (Poster Frame)
The poster frame is the image that appears when the clip is not playing. By default it is the
fi rst frame of the video clip. However, if the fi rst frame of the video is a blank screen, you
may want to use something else instead.
You can choose an external image fi le for the poster frame, or you select a frame from the
video itself.
Choosing an External Poster Frame
To use an external still image as the poster frame, follow these steps:
1. In Normal view, select the video.
2. Choose Video Tools Format
Poster Frame
Image from File. The
Insert Pictures dialog box appears.
3. Select the picture you want to use. You can select from your own PC by clicking
Browse next to From a File, or you can search Offi or Bing or choose a fi le
from your SkyDrive. See Chapter 11 for details about choosing the various types of
If the picture you choose is a different size than the video clip, the poster frame may stretch the image so that it
loses its aspect ratio and becomes distorted-looking. Crop the picture ahead of time to match the aspect ratio of the
video clip to avoid this problem.
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