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Applying Video Styles and Effects
The same color washes that you learned about in Chapter 11 for photos also apply to most
video clips. Click the Color button and choose a color wash, or choose More Variations for
more color choices. Choosing a color from the Color button’s menu (see Figure 15.8) will set
the video to play as a monochrome (single-color) clip, using the color you chose.
Choose a color wash or other color setting.
Applying Video Styles and Effects
On the Video Tools Format tab, you’ll fi nd the same style and effect options as for photos.
Here’s a sampling of what you can do; refer to Chapter 11 for more details on each of these
Styles. Open the Styles palette and pick one of the presets there to apply a com-
bination of frame shape and image effects. You can also right-click the clip on the
slide and then click the Style icon to select from a smaller pop-up list of styles.
Video Effects. Click this button for access to the same formatting options as for
images: Shadow, Refl ection, Glow, Soft Edges, Bevel, and 3-D.
Video Border. Click this button to choose a border color and thickness for the
video clip’s outer frame.
Video Shape. Click this button and then choose one of the built-in shapes to
alter the shape of the video clip’s frame. You might choose to make it a rounded
rectangle, for example, or an oval.
Crop. You can crop the window of the clip so that part of the clip does not appear
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