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Triggering Play by Clicking Another Object
Triggering Play by Clicking Another Object
Triggers specify when the action should occur. They enable you to trigger an event as a
result of clicking the event object or something other than the event object. For example,
you could put a piece of clip art on the slide next to a video and have the video playback
begin when you click the clip art.
Trigger animation is set automatically for the clip itself when you insert it so that the clip
starts and pauses when you click it. To set up a trigger for an object other than the clip
itself, follow these steps:
1. Place both the video and the trigger object (such as a button or a piece of clip
art) on the same slide.
2. Choose Animations
Animation Pane. The Animation
pane appears. There may already be an animation listed there that plays and pauses
the video clip.
Advanced Animation
3. Select the video clip and choose Animations
Advanced Animation
Play. If the clip begins playing immediately, click the Stop button in
the Animation pane.
A new Play animation event appears at the top of the Animation pane. See
Figure 15.11.
FIGURE 15.11
Add a new Play animation for the video clip.
Add an animation.
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