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Choosing Clip Playback Options
4. Right-click this new event and choose Timing. The Play Animation dialog box
5. Click the Triggers button to expand the Triggers controls if they are not
already displayed.
6. Click Start Effect on Click Of.
7. Open the drop-down list and choose the object that will serve as the trigger.
For example, in Figure 15.12, the object is a rounded rectangle that has the words
Press Play in it.
FIGURE 15.12
Set up optional triggers that make the clip play when you click something other than
the clip.
8. Click OK. If the clip begins playing again, click the Stop button in the Animation
9. Test the trigger in Slide Show view.
Choosing Clip Playback Options
On the Video Tools Playback tab, the Video Options group contains a series of check boxes
that govern various small details about the clip playback. Mark or clear any of these as
Play Full Screen. Switches the clip to full-screen size when it is playing in Slide
Show view.
Hide While Not Playing. Hides the still image (the poster frame) of the clip.
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