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Setting Fade In and Fade Out Durations
c. Drag the red marker on the right end of the timeline to the position you
marked, using the number that appears above the timeline as a reference. Or,
alternatively, enter the value you noted in step 4b in the Start Time box.
5. Click OK to accept the trimming.
Compressing the media in the presentation (File
Compress Media) deletes the trimmed parts from the embedded
copy of the clip.
Setting Fade In and Fade Out Durations
Some clips already begin and/or end with a “fade to black” effect. If one of your clips
doesn’t and you want such an effect, you can apply it manually from within PowerPoint.
Select the clip, and on the Video Tools Playback tab, enter values (in seconds) in the Fade
In and/or Fade Out boxes. Seconds are expressed as whole numbers, so 1.25 would be 1.25
seconds. The larger the number you enter, the longer the effect will take and the more
obvious it will seem. See Figure 15.14.
FIGURE 15.14
Set a clip to fade in and/or fade out if desired.
Fade controls
Setting a Bookmark
You can set bookmarks (in other words, markers) wherever you want within the video
and then jump among those marked locations during a presentation. To jump ahead to the
next bookmark in a video clip, you can press Alt+End; to jump backward to the previous
bookmark, use Alt+Home.
To set a video bookmark, follow these steps:
1. Select the video clip on the slide.
2. In Normal view, use the Play button (right-pointing triangle) below the video
clip to begin a preview of it.
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