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Setting Fade In and Fade Out Durations
3. When the video playback gets to the point where you want the bookmark,
click Pause to stop playback at that spot, and then choose Video Tools
Add Bookmark.
A bookmark is inserted at that spot. A bookmark symbol (tiny white or gold circle) appears
on the playback timeline under the clip. See Figure 15.15.
FIGURE 15.15
Set bookmarks within a clip’s playback if desired.
To remove a bookmark, click the bookmark symbol and then choose Video Tools
Remove Bookmark.
You can then set up a trigger to a bookmark so that something happens when the
video playback reaches a certain point. For example, you could have some text appear
over the top of the video at a certain point and then disappear. (Use Video Tools
Send Backward to move the video behind the text box as needed.)
Here’s how to set a trigger to a bookmark.
1. Add the object to the slide that should appear at a certain point in the video
playback. For example, add a text box and type the needed text in it.
2. Select the object that should appear, and add an entrance animation effect
to it. For example, for a simple “appear” effect, choose Animations
Appear. (You can choose an effect other than Appear if you like.).
3. With the object still selected, choose Animations
On Bookmark and click the desired bookmark.
The bookmarks are consecutively numbered, from left to right on the clip timeline.
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