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Troubleshooting Video Problems
If you want the object to exit at a certain point in the video, continue with these
4. (Optional) Set another bookmark at the point where the object should exit.
5. Add an exit effect to the object. For example, for a simple “disappear” effect,
choose Animations
Advanced Animation
Add Animation
Disappear. (It’s in
the Exit section of the menu.)
6. Choose Animations
On Bookmark and choose the bookmark that
represents the position at which it should exit.
You can repeat that process for multiple objects so that different text or graphics appear
over the top of the video at different points.
Troubleshooting Video Problems
Here are some workarounds available for most of the common problems with PowerPoint
video clips.
Working with Older Presentations in PowerPoint 2013
When you open a presentation created in PowerPoint 2007 or earlier, the video clips
continue to play. However, you will probably want to update the fi le to the latest
PowerPoint format so you can enjoy the additional capabilities.
After opening the fi le, choose File
Convert to update it to PowerPoint 2013 for-
mat. In the Save As dialog box that appears, specify a name for the new converted version
(the original remains intact) and click Save.
After you save the presentation in the new format, all PowerPoint 2013 video-editing
features are available, just as if you had started this presentation in version 2013 from
Troubleshooting Videos That Won’t Insert
If you are inserting a QuickTime clip, you will need to have a QuickTime player installed,
and you need to have the 32-bit version of Offi ce. The 64-bit version of PowerPoint cannot
accept inserted QuickTime movie fi les because the 64-bit Windows operating system does
not have the needed 64-bit codecs for that format. See
.com/kb/982689 for more information.
To work around this issue, you can convert the clips to Windows Media Video ( .wmv ) format
using a third-party fi le converter.
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