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Troubleshooting Videos That Won’t Play
Troubleshooting Videos That Won’t Play
For problems with videos that won’t play, explore one or more of these possible fi xes:
Update your players. Make sure you have the latest versions of the following
Windows Media Player (should be version 10 or higher)
Flash Player (should be version 9 or higher)
Play it in an external player. If your video won’t play in PowerPoint but it will
play outside of PowerPoint using one of your media players you have installed,
insert the clip as an object with the Insert
Object command. That way it will play
using an external player during the presentation.
Convert to WMV format. PowerPoint easily handles Windows Media Video (WMV)
format clips. You can import a video clip into Windows Movie Maker (free with
Windows XP and Windows Vista and available for free download if you have
Windows 7 or 8) and then export it to WMV format from there.
If you record video with your own video camera and it won’t play in PowerPoint, it’s probably because your camera
uses a proprietary codec. Use the software that comes with the camera to re-render your video using a more common
codec. A utility called GSpot, available at , can identify what codecs are
being used in your video i les.
This may seem hard to believe, but it works. If you get an error message when you try to drag and drop an AVI video
clip into your presentation or if you try to insert it and PowerPoint simply ignores you, try changing the i lename
extension from .avi to .mpg . This often will i x it.
Troubleshooting Poor Playback Quality
Be aware that slower, older computers, especially those with a meager amount of RAM, may
not present your video clip to its best advantage. The sound may not match the video, the
video may be jerky, and a host of other little annoying performance glitches may occur. On
such PCs, it is best to limit the live-action video that you use and rely more on animated
GIFs, simple WMV animations, and other less system-taxing video clips.
When you are constructing a presentation, keep in mind that you may be showing it on
a lesser computer than the one on which you are creating it and therefore performance
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