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Assigning Transitions to Slides
1. View or select the slide in Normal or Slide Sorter view. If you use Slide Sorter
view, you can more easily select multiple slides to which you can apply the
2. (Optional) On the Transitions tab, in the Transition to This Slide group, click
the transition you want to use. Open the gallery to see additional transitions if
If you do not want a transition effect, do not choose a transition; instead leave the
default transition (None) selected.
3. Click Effect Options and select any options for the chosen effect transition as
desired. The effects listed will be different depending on the transition you chose.
Figure 16.1 shows the options available for the Push transition.
Select a transition.
Choose an option
for the selected transition.
Select a transition.
Click here for more
4. In the Timing group, mark or clear the following check boxes:
On Mouse Click. Transitions when you click the mouse.
After. Transitions after a specifi ed amount of time has passed. (Enter the time,
in seconds, in the associated text box.)
It is perfectly okay to leave the On Mouse Click check box selected, even if you choose automatic transitions — in
fact, this is a good idea. There may be times when you want to manually advance to the next slide before the auto-
matic transition time has elapsed, and leaving this option selected allows you to do so.
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