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Assigning Transitions to Slides
You will probably want to assign automatic transitions to either all or none of the slides in the presentation, but not
a mixture of the two. This is because mixed transition times can cause confusion when some of the slides automati-
cally advance and others do not. However, there may be situations in which you need to assign different timings and
effects to the various slides’ transitions.
5. (Optional) Adjust the Duration setting to specify how quickly the transition
effect will occur.
This is not the timing between slides but rather the timing from the beginning to
the end of the transition effect itself. For example, for a Fade transition, it deter-
mines how fast the fade occurs.
6. (Optional) If you want a sound associated with the transition, select it from
the Sound drop-down list. See the next section for details.
7. (Optional) If you want these same transition settings to apply to all slides in the
presentation, click Apply to All. Otherwise they apply only to the current slide.
Any automatically advancing transitions that you have set appear with the timings
beneath each slide in Slide Sorter view, as shown in Figure 16.2.
You can view slide timings in Slide Sorter view.
A star means a transition
has been applied.
Slide timing
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