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More about Transition Sounds
More about Transition Sounds
Transition sounds have different controls than the sounds described in Chapter 14, “Adding
Sound Effects, Music, and Soundtracks.” In the Transitions tab’s Sound menu, shown in
Figure 16.3, you can choose from among PowerPoint’s default sound collection, or you can
choose any of the following:
Select a transition sound.
No Sound. Does not assign a sound to the transition.
Stop Previous Sound. Stops any sound that is already playing. This usually applies
where the previous sound was very long and was not fi nished when you moved on
to the next slide or in cases where you used the Loop Until Next Sound transition
(see the last item on this list).
Other Sound. Opens a dialog box from which you can select another WAV sound fi le
stored on your system.
Loop Until Next Sound. An on/off toggle that sets whatever sound you select to
loop continuously either until another sound is triggered or until a slide transition
or animated object appears that has Stop Previous Sound set.
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