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Learning Your Way around PowerPoint
Touch controls. All of the Offi ce 2013 apps, including PowerPoint, are more easily
controlled with touch screens than their predecessors. You can use PowerPoint 2013
in the traditional way, with a mouse, or by pointing, tapping, swiping, and drag-
ging on a touch screen.
Eyedropper tool. Some graphics programs enable you to use an Eyedropper tool
to pick up a color from one object and copy that color to another object. Now you
can do that in Offi ce applications too. For example, you could pick up a color from
a photograph on a slide and apply it to the text on the slide so that everything
matches. This is great for matching colors for themes. You’ll fi nd the Eyedropper
tool on the Shape Fill and Shape Outline buttons’ menus on the Drawing Tools
Format tab when working with shapes.
MP4 support. PowerPoint 2010 was revolutionary in that it allowed users to create
their own video versions of their presentations. However, only one video format
was supported: AVI. PowerPoint 2013 adds MP4 support, making the resulting vid-
eos much more widely shareable because MP4 is one of the most common video for-
mats for online use.
Welcome Back. When you reopen a presentation that you were previously working
on, the last slide you were editing automatically reappears.
Learning Your Way around PowerPoint
Now that you have seen some of the potential uses for PowerPoint and toured the new fea-
tures, let’s get started using the program.
PowerPoint is one of the easiest and most powerful presentation programs available. You
can knock out a passable presentation in a shockingly short time by skimming through the
chapters in Part I and Part II of the book, or you can spend some time with PowerPoint’s
advanced features to make a complex presentation that looks, reads, and works exactly the
way you want.
Starting and Exiting PowerPoint
You can start PowerPoint just as you would any other program in Windows: from the Start
screen (in Windows 8) or the Start menu (in Windows 7). Offi ce 2013 runs only under those
two operating systems.
In Windows 8:
1. Press the Windows key, , on the keyboard to display the Start screen, or on a
touch screen, swipe in from the right and tap Start. The Start screen appears.
2. Scroll to the right if needed to find the PowerPoint 2013 tile, and click or tap
it. The program starts.
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