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Choosing an Animation Effect
has a number next to it that corresponds to one of the numbered animation events in the
Animation pane.
The events are expanded.
Animation events
are expanded.
Each bullet point
corresponds to
a numbered
animation event.
Click here to
collapse list.
Choosing an Animation Effect
There are four categories of custom animation effects. Each effect has a specifi c purpose as
well as a different icon color:
Entrance (green). The item’s appearance on the slide is animated. It does not
appear right away when the rest of the slide appears, or it appears in some unusual
way (such as fl ying or fading), or both.
Emphasis (yellow). The item is already on the slide and is modifi ed in some way.
For example, it may shrink, grow, wiggle, or change color.
Exit (red). The item disappears from the slide before the slide itself disappears,
and you can specify that it does so in some unusual way.
Motion Paths (gray). The item moves on the slide according to a preset path.
Motion paths are discussed later in the chapter.
Within each of these broad categories are a multitude of animations. Although the appear-
ance of the icons may vary, the colors (on the menus from which you choose them and on
the effects listed in the Animation pane) always match the category.
Different effect categories have different choices. For example, the Emphasis category, in
addition to providing movement-based effects, also has effects that change the color, back-
ground, or other attributes of the object.
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