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Changing an Effect’s Options
The More command opens a dialog box of effects for the chosen type.
Why are there two seemingly identical menus on the Animations tab — one in the Animation gallery and one from the
Add Animation button? If an object does not currently have any animation assigned to it, there is no difference; either
one will work equally well. However, if the object already has an animation, you can use the Animation gallery to change
an existing animation. Add Animation can be used to add additional animation to an object that is already animated.
Changing an Effect’s Options
After applying an animation, you can control its options with the Effect Options button on
the Animations tab. The options that appear there depend on the effect you have chosen.
Some effects have a direction for entrance or exit, for example.
For access to a full range of effect options, do the following:
1. In the Animation pane, right-click the desired animation event and choose
Effect Options. An Effect Options dialog box opens for the chosen event. The con-
trols that appear may be different depending on the event.
2. On the Effect tab, use the controls provided to fine-tune the effect. For
example, as Figure 16.9 shows, you can smooth out the start and end of the
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