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Copying Animation
bullets in the text box, and you want them to be animated with each second-level bullet
appearing separately. You can specify the second level as the animation grouping so that
all third-level bullets appear as a group along with their associated second-level bullet.
You can change the grouping level by choosing Animations
Effect Options
and then choosing one of these options:
As One Object. Makes the entire content placeholder a single animation event.
All At Once. Makes each paragraph a separate event, but assigns On Click to only
the fi rst one; the others are set to animate with the previous paragraph (With
Previous), which means they occur simultaneously with the fi rst one.
By Paragraph. Animates each paragraph separately and assigns On Click to each
event. This is the default.
If you have more than one level of bullets, the subordinate-level bullet points are ani-
mated along with their fi rst-level parent when you use Animations
Paragraph. If you want bullets that are other than fi rst-level bullets to be separately ani-
mated, you must set that up in the Effect Options dialog box. Follow these steps:
Effect Options
1. In the Animation pane, collapse the group (by clicking the double up arrow).
Then right-click the collapsed group and choose Effect Options.
2. In the Effect Options dialog box, click the Text Animation tab.
3. Open the Group Text drop-down list and choose the level at which you want to
group bullet points. For example, in Figure 16.11, I am grouping by second-level
FIGURE 16.11
Group by a certain level of paragraphs (bullets).
4. Click OK to accept the new grouping setting.
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