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Animating Each Individual Word or Letter
To animate the list in reverse order (that is, from the bottom up), mark the In Reverse
Order check box.
Animating Each Individual Word or Letter
By default, when a paragraph animates, it does so all at once. You can optionally instead set
it to animate one word at a time or even one letter at a time. (Be careful with this, though;
it gets annoying quickly!)
To set this up, do the following:
1. Right-click the animation event in the Animation pane and choose Effect
Options. The Effect Options dialog box for the chosen animation type opens.
2. On the Effect tab, open the Animate Text drop-down list and choose a setting:
All at once
By word
By letter
3. Click OK.
Removing an Animation Effect
You can remove the animation for a specifi c object or remove all of the animation for the
entire slide. When an object is not animated, it simply appears when the slide appears,
with no delay. For example, if the title is not animated, the slide background and the title
appear fi rst, after which any animation executes for the remaining objects. To remove ani-
mation from a specifi c object, do the following:
1. Display the Animation pane (Animations
Advanced Animation
2. If the object is part of a group, such as a bulleted list, then expand or col-
lapse the list, depending on the effect that you want to remove. For example,
to remove an animation effect from an entire text box, you must fi rst collapse the
list. To remove an animation effect from only a single paragraph, such as a bulleted
item, you must fi rst expand the list.
3. Select the animation effect from the pane, and then press the Delete key on
the keyboard, or right-click and choose Remove, or choose None from the
Animation Gallery. PowerPoint removes the animation and then renumbers any
remaining animation effects.
Assigning Multiple Animation Effects to a Single Object
Some objects might need more than one animation effect. For example, you may want an
object to have an Entrance and an Exit effect, or you may want a bulleted list to enter one
way and then emphasize each point in a different way.
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