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Associating Sounds with Animations
Here’s an alternative method:
1. On the Animation pane, right-click the effect whose timing you want to set
and choose Timing. The Animation dialog window appears with the timing tab
2. If the Triggers controls do not already appear, Click the Triggers button. The
controls for setting up a trigger appear on the Timing tab, as shown in Figure 16.14.
FIGURE 16.14
You can also set up a trigger via the Timing tab.
3. Select the Start Effect on Click Of option, and then open the drop-down list
and select an object. All of the objects on the slide appear in this list.
4. Click OK.
Do not trigger the entrance of an object on click of itself or there will be no way to make it appear.
Associating Sounds with Animations
You learned about sounds in Chapter 14, “Adding Sound Effects, Music, and Soundtracks,”
including how to associate a sound with an object. However, associating a sound with an
animation effect is different because the sound plays when the animation occurs, not nec-
essarily when the object appears or is clicked. By default, animation effects do not have
sounds assigned, but you can assign a sound by doing the following:
1. In the Animation pane, select the animation effect to which you want to
assign a sound. Then open the drop-down list for the effect, and choose Effect
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