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Making an Object Appear Differently after Animation
2. On the Effect tab (see Figure 16.15), open the Sound drop-down list and choose
a sound. You can choose any of the sounds in the list, or you can choose Other
Sound to select a sound fi le from another location. (Only WAV fi les can be used
for this.)
FIGURE 16.15
Choose a sound to be associated with the animation.
To make a previously playing sound stop when this animation occurs, choose Stop
Previous Sound from the Sound drop-down list.
3. Click OK.
Making an Object Appear Differently after Animation
After an object has been animated, you might want to have it appear differently on the
slide. For example, after some text animates, you might want it to be dimmed. To set this
up, follow these steps:
1. In the Animation pane, select the animation effect. Then open the drop-down
list for the effect, and choose Effect Options.
2. Open the After Animation drop-down list and choose one of the following
options, as shown in Figure 16.16:
A theme color. You can choose one of the colored squares, which represent each
of the current theme colors.
Don’t Dim. This is the default setting; it specifi es that PowerPoint should do
nothing to the object after animation.
Hide After Animation. This setting makes the object disappear immediately
after the animation fi nishes.
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