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Editing a Motion Path
At this point, you have a wide variety of options you can change:
To change the starting point for the motion path, drag the green circle or arrow.
To change the ending point, drag the red circle or arrow.
You can change any of the settings for the motion path, just as you would for
any other custom animation:
Change the Duration setting. The default is 2 seconds.
Change the Start setting. The default is On Click.
Change the path’s timing or effects.
4. Choose Animations
Effect Options and select any of the fol-
lowing options: Unlocked/Locked. If the path is unlocked and you move the
animated object on the slide, the path repositions itself with the object; if the path
is locked, then it stays in the same place, even when you move the object on the
slide. You can toggle these two options.
Edit Points. This option enables you to change the motion path and is discussed
in the next section, “Editing a Motion Path.”
Reverse Path Direction. This option does just what it says: It makes the anima-
tion run in the opposite direction.
5. Click OK.
If the Effect Options button on the Animations tab is not available, make sure the motion
path is selected (not the animated object).
There are even more effect options available. To see them, right-click the animation in the
Animation pane and choose Effect Options to open a dialog box for the effect. On the Effect
tab (Figure 16.19), do any of the following:
Set the Path to Locked or Unlocked. (This is the same as described in step 4.)
Assign a number of seconds to Smooth Start, Smooth End, and/or Bounce End to
fi ne-tune how the animation begins and ends.
Mark the Auto-Reverse check box to make the animation reverse itself after execut-
ing so the shape ends up back where it started. (This is not the same thing as
Reverse Path Direction in step 4. Reverse Path Direction makes the path run back-
ward; Auto-Reverse makes it run forward and then backward.)
Associate a sound with the animation.
Editing a Motion Path
You can move the motion path by dragging it or by nudging it with the arrow keys, as you
would any object.
You can resize or reshape the motion path by dragging its selection handles (the circles
around its frame); this is just like resizing any other object. To rotate the motion path,
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