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Editing a Motion Path
drag the rotation handle at the top of the path; this is just like rotating any other
FIGURE 16.19
Set motion path options.
You can also modify the motion path manually by editing its points. A motion path consists
of anchor points with straight lines or curves between them. These points are normally
invisible, but you can also display them and change them.
To edit a motion path, follow these steps:
1. Select the motion path on the slide (not the object itself).
2. Choose Animations
Edit Points. (You can also
right-click the path and choose Edit Points.) Small black squares appear around the
Effect Options
You can’t edit the points on a straight line motion path because it doesn’t have any points other than the starting and
ending points.
3. Click one of the black squares; a slightly larger white square appears near it.
A line with white squares on either end of the segment is a curve. These white
squares are handles that you can drag to modify the point. You can also drag the
black square itself; either way will work, although each method affects the path
differently. For example, dragging the black square moves the point itself, whereas
dragging the handle repositions the curve and leaves the point in place.
4. Drag a square to change the path, as in Figure 16.20.
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