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Drawing a Custom Motion Path
FIGURE 16.22
Here, the chart is appearing by category.
Along with making various parts of the chart appear at different times, you can also make
them appear using any of the animated techniques that you have already learned, such as
fl ying in, dropping in, fading in, and so on. You can also associate sounds with the parts
and dim them or change them to various colors when the animation is fi nished.
To animate a chart, you must fi rst set up the entire chart to be animated, just as you would
any other object on a slide.
Then, to set up the chart so that different parts of it are animated separately, do the
1. Choose Animations
Effect Options and then choose any of the
following options from the Sequence section of the menu (see Figure 16.23):
As One Object. The entire chart is animated as a single object.
By Series. In a multiseries chart, all of series 1 enters at once (all the bars of
one color), then all of series 2 enters at once, and so on. This option doesn’t
appear for a single-series chart.
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