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Controlling Animation Timing with the Advanced Timeline
Not all animation effects are available for every type of chart and every series or category animation. If a particular
animation is not working, try a simpler one, such as Fade or Wipe.
Controlling Animation Timing with the Advanced Timeline
The animation timeline is a graphical representation of how animated content will appear
on the slide. The timeline is also covered in Chapter 14, in the discussion about sounds and
soundtracks. It is on by default. If you don’t see it, right-click any animation event in the
Animation pane and choose Show Advanced Timeline.
The timeline is useful because it can tell you the total time involved in all of the anima-
tions that you have set up, including any delays that you have built in. Figure 16.24 shows
a timeline for a chart that is animated by category, in which each event is set to occur to
occur after the previous one (After Previous).
FIGURE 16.24
The advanced timeline shows how much time is allotted to each animated element on the
Green bars represent
the amount of time each
animation event takes.
Timeline provides
a point of reference
for the bars above.
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