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Chapter 17: Creating Support Materials
Creating Support Materials
Creating handouts
Creating speaker notes
Printing an outline
Exporting handouts or notes pages to Word
If you are presenting a live show, the centerpiece of your presentation is your slides. Whether
you show them using a computer screen, a slide projector, or an overhead projector, the slides—
combined with your own dazzling personality—make the biggest impact. But if you rely on your
audience to remember everything you say, you may be disappointed. With handouts, the audience
members can follow along with you during the show and even take their own notes. They can then
take the handouts home with them to review the information later.
You probably want a different set of support materials for yourself than you want for the audience.
Support materials designed for the speaker’s use are called speaker notes. In addition to small print-
outs of the slides, the speaker notes contain any extra notes or background information that you
think you may need to jog your memory as you speak. Some people get very nervous when they speak
in front of a crowd; speaker notes can remind you of the joke you wanted to open with or the exact
fi gures behind a particular pie chart.
The When and How of Handouts
Presentation professionals are divided about how and when to use handouts most effectively. Here
are some of the many confl icting viewpoints. I can’t say who is right or wrong, but each of these
statements brings up issues that you should consider. The bottom line is that each of them is an
opinion on how much power and credit to give to the audience; your answer may vary depending
on the audience you are addressing.
You should give handouts at the beginning of the presentation. The audience can
absorb the information better if they can follow along on paper.
This approach makes a lot of sense. Research has proven that people absorb more facts if
presented with them in more than one medium. This approach also gives your audience free
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