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Printing Handouts
Printing Handouts
When you have decided which layout is appropriate for your needs, print your handouts as
1. (Optional) If you want to print only one particular slide or a group of slides,
select the slide or slides you want in either Slide Sorter view or in the slide
thumbnails task pane on the left.
2. Select File
Print. The Print options appear.
3. Enter a number of copies in the Copies text box. The default is 1. If you want the
copies collated (applicable to multipage printouts only), make sure you mark the
Collate check box.
4. Set options for your printer or choose a different printer. See the section
“Setting Printer-Specifi c Options” later in this chapter for help with this.
5. If you do not want to print all the slides, type the slide numbers that you want
into the Slides box. Indicate a contiguous range with a dash. For example, to print
slides 1 through 9, type 1-9 . Indicate noncontiguous slides with commas. For example,
to print slides 2, 4, and 6, type 2, 4, 6 . Or to print slides 2 plus 6 through 10, type 2,
6-10 . To print them in reverse order, type them in reverse order, such as 10-6, 2 .
Alternatively, you can click Print All Slides to open a menu of range choices and
choose one of these from its list:
Print Selection to print multiple slides you selected before you issued the Print
command. It is not available if you did not select any slides beforehand.
Print Current Slide to print whatever slide you selected before you issued the
Print command.
Custom Range to print the slides whose numbers you type in the Slides text
box. When you enter slide numbers in the Slides text box, this option gets
selected automatically, so usually you don’t have to select this option manually.
Custom Show to print a certain custom show you have set up. Each custom
show you have created appears on the list. You won’t see this option if you
haven’t created any.
6. (Optional) Hidden slides are printed by default. If you don’t want to print hid-
den slides, click the same button again to reopen the menu and click Print Hidden
Slides to toggle the check mark off next to that command.
7. Click Full Page Slides to open a menu of views you can print.
8. On the menu that appears, click the number and layout of handouts you want.
See Figure 17.1.
You can choose in step 8 to print an outline if you prefer. An outline can be a useful handout for an audience in
certain situations.
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