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Formatting Handouts
In the Slide Size dialog box, shown in Figure 17.8, you can also set a slide orientation. This
is different from the orientation of the handout as a whole. The default slide orientation is
landscape; setting the slide orientation to Portrait results in a layout like the one on the
right in Figure 17.9. If you choose such a slide layout, PowerPoint prompts you to specify
whether slide content should be sized to fi t the new layout on the handouts or cropped.
Landscape (left) and Portrait (right) slide orientation.
Formatting Handouts
You can manually format any text on a handout layout using the formatting controls on
the Home tab, the same as with any other text. Such formatting affects only the text you
select and only on the layout you’re working with. You can also select the entire place-
holder box and apply formatting.
You can also apply Colors, Fonts, and/or Effects schemes from the Edit Theme group, as
shown in Figure 17.10, much as you can do for the presentation as a whole. The main differ-
ence is that you cannot select an overall theme from the Themes button; all the themes are
unavailable from the list while in Handout Master view. The settings you apply here affect
only the handouts, not the presentation as a whole.
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