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Creating Speaker Notes
FIGURE 17.10
Apply color, font, and/or effect schemes from the Edit Theme group.
You probably won’t have much occasion to apply an Effects scheme to a handout layout because handouts do not
usually have objects that use effects (i.e., drawn shapes, charts, or SmartArt diagrams).
Creating Speaker Notes
Speaker notes are like handouts, but for you. Only one printout format is available for
them: the Notes Pages layout. It consists of the slide on the top half (the same size as in
the two-slides-per-page handout) with the blank space below it for your notes to yourself.
Speaker notes printed in PowerPoint are better than traditional note cards for several rea-
sons. For one thing, you can type your notes right into the computer and print them out on
regular paper. There’s no need to jam a note card into a typewriter and use messy correc-
tion fl uid or erasers to make changes. The other benefi t is that each notes page contains a
picture of the slide, so it’s not as easy to lose your place while speaking when compared to
using traditional note cards.
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