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Typing Speaker Notes
Typing Speaker Notes
You can type your notes for a slide in Normal view (in the Notes pane) or in Notes Page
view. The latter shows the page more or less as it will look when you print your notes pages;
this can help if you need to gauge how much text will fi t on the printed page.
To switch to Notes Page view, on the View tab click Notes Page as shown in Figure 17.11.
Unlike with some of the other views, there is no shortcut button for this view in the bot-
tom-right corner of the PowerPoint window. Once you’re in Notes Page view, you can zoom
and scroll just like in any other view to see more or less of the page at once. You can scroll
further to move from slide to slide, or you can move from slide to slide in the traditional
ways (the Page Up and Page Down keys on the keyboard or the Next Slide or Previous Slide
buttons on-screen).
FIGURE 17.11
Notes Page view is one of the best ways to work with your speaker notes.
Use the Zoom control to zoom in or out until you i nd the optimal view so that the text you type is large enough to be
clear, but small enough so that you can see across the entire width of the note area. I i nd that 100 percent works
well on my screen, but yours may vary.
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