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Changing the Notes Page Layout
Just type your notes in the Notes area, the same as you would type in any text box in
PowerPoint. The lines in the paragraph wrap automatically. Press Enter to start a new para-
graph. When you’re done, move to the next slide.
Changing the Notes Page Layout
Just as you can edit your handout layouts, you can also edit your notes page layout. Just
switch to its master and make your changes. Follow these steps:
1. On the View tab, click Notes Master.
2. Edit the layout, as you have learned to edit other masters. See Figure 17.12. This
can include the following actions:
FIGURE 17.12
You can edit the layout of the notes pages in Notes Master view.
Moving placeholders for the slide, the notes, or any of the header or footer
Changing the font used for the text in any of those areas
Resizing the placeholder for the slide graphic
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