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Exporting Handouts or Notes Pages to Word
Exporting Handouts or Notes Pages to Word
One of the drawbacks to PowerPoint is that the notes and handouts pages cannot be fully
formatted. There’s a lot you can’t do with them—such as set margins or change the sizes of
the slide images for handouts. To get around this, you might want to create your handouts
in Microsoft Word. To send your presentation to Word, follow these steps:
1. Choose File
Create Handouts. The Send to
Microsoft Offi ce Word dialog box appears (Figure 17.13).
Create Handouts
FIGURE 17.13
Choose a format for sending the presentation to Word.
2. Choose one of the formats shown in Figure 17.13. You can send your presentation
to Word in a variety of formats. Some formats are more appropriate for handouts,
others for speaker notes. Table 17.2 gives some suggestions:
TABLE 17.2 Word Formats for Imported Text
For Handouts
For Speaker Notes
Blank Lines Next to Slides
Notes Next to Slides
Blank Lines Below Slides
Notes Below Slides
Outline Only
Outline Only
3. (Optional) If you want to maintain a link between the PowerPoint file and the
Word file, choose Paste Link. Otherwise, leave Paste selected. If you maintain a
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