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Changing the Margins in Word
Changing the Margins in Word
One benefi t of exporting handouts to Word is being able to change the margins. In Word,
on the Page Layout tab, click the Margins button, and choose a margin preset or choose
Custom Margins.
However, note that changing the page margins does not resize the table. If you change the
left margin, the table may start at a different place in relation to the left margin (because
the table is left aligned), but if you want to increase the margins so that you can increase
the table width, those are two separate activities.
You can also set internal margins in the cells in a table. To do so, on the Table Tools Layout
tab, click Cell Margins.
Change the Table Alignment
The table itself has a default alignment in relationship to the page: Top Left. If you prefer
the look of a centered table, you may want to switch this:
To make the table horizontally centered on the page, select the table as a whole.
To do this, click the square above and to the left of the table with the four-headed
arrow in it. Then use the Center button on the Home tab (Paragraph group) to cen-
ter it. Note that this does not center the text within the cells; this refers only to
the table.
To vertically center the table on the page, you need to set the vertical alignment
for the document. To do so, on the Page Layout tab in Word, click the dialog box
launcher in the Page Setup group, and on the Layout tab in the Page Setup dialog
box, set the vertical alignment to Center.
Change Alignment within a Cell
To center the content within a cell horizontally, click in that cell, and then on the Table Tools
Layout tab, click the Middle Center button. You can also choose any of the other buttons that
are combinations of vertical and horizontal alignment. Figure 17.15 shows the nine available
options, each of which is a unique combination of a vertical and a horizontal alignment.
FIGURE 17.15
Set table alignment from the Table Tools Layout tab.
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