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Working with Backstage View
Because the Ribbon collapses, the exact steps for performing certain procedures depend on the active PowerPoint
window’s width. A small window may require an extra step of opening a button’s menu to select a command, for
example. For a large window, each command appears directly on the tab. This book assumes a PowerPoint app win-
dow size of 1024 x 768 pixels; if you run PowerPoint at a smaller resolution, you may occasionally have an extra step
to access a command.
Working with Backstage View
When you open Backstage view by clicking the File tab, a multilayered menu system
appears. Many of the commands along the left side of the screen are categories that open
submenus when you click them. For example, in Figure 1.15, the Export command has been
selected, revealing additional choices.
Backstage view is a hierarchical menu system; i rst select a category on the left, then a com-
mand in the middle, and then an option on the right.
The top-level categories and commands in Backstage View are as follows:
Info. Displays information about the current presentation, including its properties.
Commands are available for working with versions, permissions, and sharing.
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