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Using the On-Screen Show Controls
causes it to draw rather than advance the presentation. In this situation, you can
use the Forward button.
Pointers opens a menu for controlling the appearance of the pen or pointer. (I dis-
cuss this feature later in this chapter.)
See All Slides opens a slide-sorter-like view within Slide Show view, from which
you can quickly select the slide you want to jump to by looking at thumbnails.
Zoom enables you to zoom in on a portion of a slide and then zoom back out again.
Options opens the menu shown in Figure 18.2. It contains a variety of commands
for controlling the presentation, including setting arrow options and controlling
display settings and Presenter view. You can also open this menu by right-clicking
anywhere on the slide.
Click the Options button or right-click on the slide to open this menu.
You can set up your show to move backward when you click the right-mouse button. Choose File
Options, click
Advanced, and in the Slide Show section, deselect the Show Menu on Right Mouse Click check box. If you do that,
you can’t right-click to open the navigation menu though. The toolbar in the lower-left corner of Slide Show view can
be disabled via File
Slide Show
Show Popup Toolbar.
Because the menu that appears is identical whether you click the Options button or right-click anywhere on the slide,
this chapter mentions only the right-click method when you need to choose something from this menu. However, keep
in mind that you can also click the Options button on the popup toolbar if you prefer.
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