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Using the On-Screen Pen
The on-screen buttons in the slide show continue to work while you have a pen enabled, but you have to click them
twice to activate them — once to tell PowerPoint to temporarily switch out of the Pen mode and then again to open
the menu.
You can also turn on the default pen by pressing Ctrl+P and then return to the arrow again
by pressing Ctrl+A or Esc.
After enabling a pen, just drag and draw on the slide to make your mark. You should prac-
tice drawing lines, arrows, and other shapes because it takes a while to master. Figure 18.7
shows an example of using the pen.
You can draw on the slide with the pen tools.
The on-screen pen is not very attractive. If you know in advance that you are going to emphasize certain points, you
may prefer to build the emphasis into the presentation by making these points larger, bolder, or in different colors.
You can also circle the points using an animated oval shape.
To erase your lines and try again, press E (for Erase), or open the Pointer menu (or right-
click and choose Pointer Options) and choose Erase All Ink on Slide. To erase just a part of
the ink, open the Pointer menu, choose Eraser, and then use the mouse pointer to erase
individual lines.
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