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Hiding Slides for Backup Use
Unlike in some earlier versions of PowerPoint, drawings are not erased on a slide when you move to another slide.
When you exit Slide Show view after drawing on slides, a dialog box appears, asking
whether you want to keep or discard your annotations. If you choose Keep, the annotations
become drawn objects on the slides, which you can then move or delete, similar to a line
drawn with the drawing tools.
The pen remains a pen when you advance from slide to slide. To change the pen back to a
pointer again, open the Pointer menu and choose Arrow, press Ctrl+A, or press Esc.
Hiding Slides for Backup Use
You may not always want to show every slide that you have prepared. Sometimes it pays
to prepare extra data in anticipation of a question that you think someone might ask or to
hold back certain data unless someone specifi cally requests it.
By hiding a slide, you keep it fi led in reserve, without making it a part of the main slide
show. Then, at any time during the presentation when (or if) it becomes appropriate, you
can display that slide. Hiding refers only to whether the slide is a part of the main presen-
tation’s fl ow; it has no effect in any other view.
If you have only a handful of slides to hide, go ahead and hide them. However, if you have a large group of related
slides to hide, consider creating a custom show instead. Custom shows are covered later in this chapter.
Hiding and Unhiding Slides
Slide Sorter view is a good view from which to hide and unhide slides because an indicator
appears below each slide to show whether it is hidden. This way, you can easily determine
which slides are a part of the main presentation. In the slide thumbnail pane in Normal
view, hidden slides appear ghosted out.
Follow these steps to hide a slide:
1. Switch to Slide Sorter view.
2. Select the slide or slides that you want to hide. Remember, to select more than
one slide, hold down the Ctrl key as you click the ones that you want.
3. Click the Hide Slide button on the Slide Show tab of the ribbon, or right-click
one of the selected slides and choose Hide Slide from the shortcut menu. A
diagonal line crosses through the slide indicating that it is hidden. The slide’s con-
tent also appears dimmed.
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