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Showing a Hidden Slide during a Presentation
To unhide a slide, select the slide and click Hide Slide again. The slide’s number returns to
normal. You can also right-click a slide and choose Hide Slide again to toggle the hidden
attribute off.
To quickly unhide all slides, select all of the slides (press Ctrl+A) and then click the Hide Slides button twice. The i rst
click hides all of the remaining slides that were not already hidden, and the second click unhides them all.
Showing a Hidden Slide during a Presentation
When you advance from one slide to the next during a show, hidden slides do not appear.
(This is what being hidden is about, after all.) If you need to display one of the hidden
slides, follow these steps:
1. In Slide Show view, click the See All Slides button in the bottom-left corner of
the screen, or right-click and choose See All Slides.
Thumbnails of the slides appear, and hidden slides appear dimmed and with a diag-
onal line drawn through their numbers, as in Figure 18.8.
Hidden slides appear dimmed.
Hidden slide
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