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Ideas for Using Custom Shows
You can use custom shows to hide related groups of backup slides.
Main Show
Main Show
Main Show
Topic 1
Custom Show
Backup slides for Topic 1
Main Show
Topic 2
Custom Show
Backup slides for Topic 2
Main Show
Topic 3
Custom Show
Backup slides for Topic 3
Main Show
Notice in Figure 18.10 that although some of the slides in the two custom shows are the
same, they repeat in each custom show rather than jumping back to the main presentation.
This is because it is much easier to jump to the custom show once and stay there than it is
to keep jumping into and out of the show.
Slides in a custom show remain a part of the main presentation. Placing a slide in a custom
show does not exclude it from the regular presentation fl ow. However, you may decide that
you no longer want to show the main presentation in its present form; you may just want
to use it as a resource pool from which you can select slides for other custom shows. To
learn how to set up PowerPoint so that a custom show rather than the main presentation
starts when you enter Slide Show view, see the section “Using a Custom Show as the Main
Presentation” later in this chapter.
Ideas for Using Custom Shows
Here are some ideas to start you thinking about how and why you might want to include
some custom shows in your presentation fi les:
Avoiding duplication. If you have several shows that use about 50 percent of the
same slides and the other 50 percent are different ones, you can create all of the
shows as custom shows within a single presentation fi le. This way, the presenta-
tions can share the 50 percent of the slides that they have in common.
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