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Ideas for Using Custom Shows
Managing change. By creating a single presentation fi le with custom shows, you
make it easy to manage changes. If any changes occur in your company that affect
any of the common slides, making the change once in your presentation fi le makes
the change to each of the custom shows immediately.
Overcoming objections. You can anticipate client objections to your sales pitch
and prepare several custom shows, each of which addresses a particular objection.
Then, whatever reason your potential customer gives for not buying your product,
you have a counteractive argument at hand.
Covering your backside. If you think that you may be asked for specifi c fi gures or
other information during a speech, you can have this information ready in a cus-
tom show (or on a few simple hidden slides, if there is not a lot of information) to
display if needed. No more going through the embarrassment of having to say, “I’m
not sure, but let me get back to you on that.”
FIGURE 18.10
You can create custom shows that allow you to use the same presentation for
multiple audiences.
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